Jeff Stewart Memorial Award

Navigate/NIDES PAC
Jeff Stewart Memorial Award

This Award will be given to students who have Navigate/NIDES as their school of record and who demonstrate and/or possess the following qualities:

  • innovation
  • unique spark
  • creativity
  • ability to think independently/outside the box
  • pioneering spirit
  • trailblazer

These Awards will be given to recognize students who demonstrate the qualities of innovation, creativity, forward thinking, and pioneering spirit, of which Jeff Stewart embodied in creating our unique Navigate/NIDES community and all if its various programs. We wish to recognize and encourage students who display that unique spark, who are really ‘going for it’, who are trailblazers in something they are passionate about, be it through entrepreneurial or philanthropic projects which benefit their communities or some other outlet. These students display those very highest qualities of our school spirit and are making the world a better place.

An award for a graduating student will consist of a medal and a $750.00 scholarship which will go towards tuition for an accredited post-secondary program of their choice. Upon receipt, the winner will have 30 months from which to redeem the monies. Proof of acceptance and enrolment in said accredited post-secondary program must be submitted to the principal at the office of Navigate/NIDES, Tsolum campus in order for the scholarship cheque to be issued by the PAC Treasurer.

In order to encourage the younger students to also strive to pursue their dreams and think outside of the box, 1 medal to students in each of the following age categories may be awarded: grades 4-6, grades 7-9, and grades 10-11.

We wish to emphasize that this Award is in recognition of innovation and school & community spirit, and is not tied to academic excellence.

Nominations may be made by students, parents, teachers, and staff. Please submit a 1-page written proposal for why you, or a student you know, is deserving of this recognition.

Nominations to be sent to the selection committee (PAC Executive members) care of the PAC Chair at: .

The grade 12 recipient will either be presented the Award at the June graduation & award ceremonies, or will receive the medal and scholarship cheque by post, depending on their home location.

The remaining medals will either be privately presented by our principal or one of our vice-principals, or mailed to the recipient depending on their home location.

Jeff Stewart spent approximately 15 years in School District 71 and was principal of NIDES from January 2011 to June 2018.  Jeff had an obvious passion for education and a belief in allowing students to find and follow their Sparks. He came to NIDES with a vision to create a place where students and educators could collaborate and build community.  Jeff was passionate about educational innovation and creating unique learning opportunities for students.   This forward thinking leadership and his visionary ideas demonstrate what is possible when school communities dare to challenge the traditional conventions in public education and brought NIDES international recognition with the creation of programs such as FAe, ENTER and PACE.  Jeff always kept students at the forefront and encouraged them to pursue their dreams and think outside of the box.  Jeff never hesitated to join in with students whether it was picking up a guitar and playing along side them or stopping to chat to them in the hallways.  His passion and personality is missed very much and his vision of innovation, community and collaboration carries on throughout all of our NIDES communities around the province.