Fund Requests

How-To Guideline for

PAC Funding Support Requests 

If you have an initiative or a need for extra-curricular financial support, it can be proposed to the PAC Executive at a monthly meeting, and the PAC will consider and decide upon the request.

Please submit a written proposal at least 10 days prior to the monthly meeting (1st Wednesday of each month). This will also add your request to the Agenda.  Having at least 1 representative present at the PAC meeting to answer any questions would be useful.

In a nutshell, the basic procedure is the following:

1) Submit a written proposal with info such as: trip’s purpose, numbers, cost, activities to PAC Chair:

2) Request to have your proposal added to the Agenda of a monthly meeting
3) Present your proposal at the meeting

Information to include in your written proposal:

-name of individual and/or group plus contact info

-in case of field trip or outing:

    -date of trip
    -description of trip
    -cost per student
    -number of students involved
    -how much are you requesting from PAC
    -what is your proposed budget for said event or items
    -what other means are you doing, or have done, to raise funds to cover necessary expenses
    -projected expenses
-in case of items for purchase:

    -what materials do you wish to purchase
    -have you explored other avenues from which to obtain said materials 

-what are the goals you hope to accomplish with this event or item purchase

The more details you can provide in your proposal, the better it would be in order to aid discussion and decision making.

After the event, trip, or purchases have been made, please submit receipts to our Treasurer (  

Please note that the PAC is responsible for two pools of money: non-gaming grant, and gaming grant funding.

The PAC has complete autonomy with how the non-gaming grant funds are spent. However, this pool of funding is very small.

The majority of the PAC funds come from BC Gaming grants. There are very specific rules for what gaming grant funding can be used for.

PAC Gaming grant funding is intended to benefit students by enhancing their extracurricular opportunities.

Some ideas of eligible uses of grant funds include but are not limited to the following:

-student publications (e.g. newsletters, yearbooks);

-student competitions (e.g. writing, debating, chess, music);

-student computers for extracurricular activities (e.g. software, hardware, accessories);

-student societies (e.g. drama club, student society);

-student ceremonies (e.g. graduation, dry grad);

-uniforms and equipment for extracurricular activities;

-sports equipment;

-capital acquisitions directly benefiting students (e.g. playground equipment); 

-awards and trophies;

-scholarships and bursaries for post-secondary education (paid directly to students);

-student conferences, presentations or out of school field trips within BC;

-student transportation and travel within BC; and with prior Branch approval, student transportation and travel outside BC, 

    where the student group: 

—    -is representing its school as a result of merit achieved through organized competition;

—    -is competing in a sport that involves cross border travel;

—    -has been selected because of its level of creative achievement or success; or is entered in a recognized competition in which there is a formal evaluation or adjudication process.


Out-of-province field trips are not eligible uses of PAC funds.

Ineligible uses of PAC grant funds include, but are not limited to, the following:

-curricular activities or purposes (for example, tablets and smart boards used in class)

-extra lighting, curtains, props, etc. for in-school theatre/drama classes

These guidelines are based on the Guidelines and Conditions documents linked from