New Executive Officers

For 2019-2020:

Anna King – Chair (Rossland)
Janet Smitheringale – Treasurer (Tsolum)
Lyn Crampton – Secretary (Tsolum)
Julian Rendell – member-at-large (Tsolum)
Jennifer Mollins – member-at-large (Nanaimo)
Cora Ware – member-at-large (Tsolum)
Sarah Wright – member-at-large (Bulkley Valley)

The Vice-Chair and DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council Representative) positions remain unfilled. While the Vice-Chair can reside anywhere, the DPAC rep would be attending meetings in SD 71.

Please contact Anna King, PAC Chair, if you are interested in either of these positions or would like more information. Thank-you. navigatepac@gmail.com

NAVIGATE (NIDES) –PAC Wednesday April 8th, 2020, 7pm

Via Zoom Room


1. Approval of Agenda

2. Approval of Minutes (March)

3. Chair Report

4. Principals Report -Ministry COVID 19 Directives and NIDES Actions

5. Vice Principals Report

6. Trustee Report

7. Treasurers Report

8. DPAC Report

9. Old Business- Workshop Reminders:

April 17th 7pm Supporting the Language Arts Learner

April 27th 2pm Mental Health and the DL Learner

Kids Nutrition Workshop –TBA

10. New Business

– Motion to redistribute outstanding bursaries (2014/15; 2015/16 & 2016/17) in the PAC accounts. Formal note to state that bursaries awarded must be collected within 30 months from date of Bursary Award.

– Motion to form Jeff Stewart Scholarship Award.

– Call for PAC Board Members for 2020/21 –particularly Treasurer.

Next PAC Meeting–Wednesday May 6th, 2020, 7pm via Zoom Room

Save the Dates – Parent Information Sessions:

March 11th – Supporting the DL Math Learner – 7pm Thai Nguyen and Nicole Hamilton

April 15th – Supporting the DL Language Arts Learner – 7pm Melissa Mullis and Nicole Hamilton

April 27th – Mental Health and the DL Learner – 2pm Leanne Webster Brenner
These will be held in the Tsolum conference room if you are able to attend in person. A zoom link will also be set up so the presentations can be joined from home.

More information to follow.

Welcome back

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year. We are already off to a promising start with full programs and increased demand for distance learning courses. We were pleased to see so many parents and students attend our annual Corn Roast on September 4th. We hope you have had a smooth transition back to school.

Our Heartwood Learning Communities have grown to include sites in Victoria and Squamish, as well as expansion in Smithers. To accommodate this growth, we have taken on new teaching staff, and saw some of our current teaching, learning support and educational assistant staff change. There were no changes to admin, counselling or clerical this year, which is making it easier for us to find our stride early this year.